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Infidelity: Betrayal, anger and hurt are all familiar feelings when your significant other cheats on you. Your life as you knew it has been turned upside down. You are disappointed about the lies and wonder what you did to deserve this fate.  You want to leave, but you also want to stay. Can your relationship be saved? Is it worth it?  You may wonder.  Counseling can help you and your significant other figure things out and it can help rebuild trust if the both of you commit to the process. 


Financial Discord: It's no secret that money issues is the second reason for divorce following infidelity. Money touches every aspect of your relationship. Maybe one of you is the saver and the other is the spender; maybe the both of you are in a power struggle around who controls the money; or maybe you two never had a serious discussion about financial goals.  Schedule an appointment to learn how to talk money with your honey.

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Communication: So many people complain about communication issues in their relationships-if it is happening in yours just know you are not alone.  The types of communication problems in relationships vary such as misinterpretation, lack of respect in tone and message, only talking about what you want to talk about, blaming and not feeling heard to name a few.  Often times, our beliefs can infer with our communication and let's not forget our body language can shed light on what someone is really thinking or feeling.  If you and your beau need skills to improve an already good thing, then don't delay in scheduling an appointment today.


Intimacy:  Lacking intimacy in your relationship is not a good feeling and I'm not just talking about sexual intimacy. I mean emotional, spiritual, intellectual, recreational, financial, and physical intimacy. All these components are vital to a healthy relationship based on safety and trust. Intimacy in its simplest form means having a closeness with someone else. Sex is often thought of by default when we hear the term intimacy and it is very important too. However, these other types of intimacy impacts our sense of fulfillment in relationships and without them can impact the relationship's strength.  If you are looking for help inside or outside the sheets, call to schedule a session to help deepen your connection with your love.  If you find it difficult to get close to someone, then counseling can help with that too.

Individual: I also work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues including work/life balance, women issues, parenting support, grief counseling and addiction and recovery.  I provide a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my client's needs to help attain the personal growth they’re striving for. Call today and start your own journey of Activating Wellness Within.


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